Youth Investing

Youth Investing

Sep 07 , 2021


Courtney Hale

Here's a strategy to get middle schoolers and high schoolers interested in money: Start with investing!

This may sound a bit ridiculous, kind of like teaching quadratic equations before addition, but it's crucial to understand that to improve a child's financial literacy, we have to leverage their interests. 

Topics like budgeting and credit lack the necessary street-cred to get kids excited. Think about it, most of the noise surrounding these topics is negative. On the other hand, a topic like investing has all the juice!

Celebs like Jay-Z, Beyonce, Diddy, Rihanna, Drake, 21 Savage, Lebron, Charlamagne, and others are all on record talking about how investing has multiplied their riches and changed their lives even more than the talent they are known for.

Investing is the perfect bait topic to engage young people in financial education. We draw them in with the bright lights of the stock market and real estate. Then we sprinkle in budgeting, mix it with a bit of credit, and viola. Now they are ready to learn about flipping a house.

Before you know it, your 14-year-old is reading financial blogs and listening to money podcasts. They may even create their own.

You are now one additional activity closer to having a Super Money Kid. Check out the video below to introduce investing to your teen or pre-teen. There's also an investing activity in our free resources library. Stay safe at home.


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