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knowledgeBANK creates solutions to the most pressing financial education through the use of Super Money Kids.

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About Knowledge Bank

We are a social-enterprise inspiring ambition, hope and innovation through financial education. We develop financial education content specifically for our youth. Our program develops practical skills that empower students to pursue their purpose. In addition to the economic benefits, financial literacy builds confidence and gives hope to communities where hope may not have existed before. Our mission is to create a generation of financially knowledgeable, responsible and empowered youth. Students who have participated in Knowledge bank’s workshops say they are more conscious about how they spend their money, they are better equipped for major life transitions and feel less likely to fall victim to the financial mistakes of adults before them.

We are champions for hope, freedom and purpose. We are social-innovators, crafting financial literacy solutions for up & comers. We fuel the ambition of the modern-day workforce through financial wellness.


Lack of access to financial education perpetuates cycles of poverty, increases economic disparities creates barriers to opportunity. There are insufficient resources that prepare us to manage our money.

Our Solution

We offer digital content and in-person workshops to create educational experiences that are relatable and encourage real-life application. Our programs are high-impact and action-oriented. We create solutions to the most pressing financial education challenges such as continuity, engagement and reach. Our programs are aimed at introducing new concepts, starting new conversations and teaching life application. Financial literacy promotes self-sufficiency, ensuring that families are better equipped to plan for the future.

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Super Money Kid Bank

The Super Money Kid Bank is designed to initiate and enhance money talks with young children emphasizing 3 money habits:
Saving, Spending and Sharing.

The Bank Includes

  • 3 individual banks for saving, spending and sharing.
  • Guided Questions for Weekly Money Goals.
  • Terms and Definitions.
  • A ledger for tracking.

More Than Pocket Change

Financial literacy develops more than just money skills. When a child learns to spend wisely they've also learned patience, delayed gratification and organizational skills. When a child learns to save, they've also learned prioritization, goal-setting skills and are more responsible. When a child learns to share, they've also learned compassion, compromise and negotiation skills. 

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Super Money Kid Workshop

After Completing The Program, Students Will Be Able To...

  • Make responsible decisions regarding saving, spending and sharing.
  • Set financial goals and develop a strategy for obtaining  their goals.
  • Develop a strategy to earn money.
  • Prioritize expenses relative to needs, goals and wants.

Facilation Options

All programming facilitated virtually 2021.

Option 01: KB Presents

Presentations are lead by a knowledgeBANK team member. 

Option 02: Train The Trainer

Train-the-Trainer Presentations lead by member of partnering organization who completes required virtual training. (unavailable 2021)

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Student Deliverables

Each student will receive their personal Super Money Kid bank.

Each student will set a goal for saving and sharing.

Each student will present these goals

Each student will receive a certificate of completion


Experiential Learning Days

Parental Engagement Events

Student Incentive Program


Module 01

  • Session 1: Intro to Earn
  • Session 2: Intro to Save
  • Session 3: Intro to Spend
  • Session 4: Intro to Share 
  • Session 5: Finale

Module 02 (Optional)

  • Session 6: Earn II
  • Session 7: Save II
  • Session 8: Spend II
  • Session 9: Share II
  • Session 10: Finale

Other Solutions

KB Coins

A digital curriculum for organizations teaching the basics of personal finance to teens and young adults. It includes online lesson plans, videos and exercises to be facilitated in a group. kBCoins includes 5 lessons on 6 topics with additional modules being added in 2020. The program is modern, relatable and simple to facilitate.

KB Works

A web-based platform that hosts a library of financial support resources on the topics that employers and employees care about most. kBWorks includes videos and downloadable quick reference guides which are accessible via a secure web-portal.

KB University

A digital, self-paced financial education course for post- secondary students. It includes videos, exercises, quizzes and optional in-person presentations. kBUniversity includes 16 lessons.

KB Live

Where it all began! knowledgeBANK started its financial literacy crusade hosting in-person financial workshops and this remains a part of our service offerings today. Every digital module we offer was once taught as a workshop and these sessions continue to be engaging and life-altering.

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