The Super Money Kids Bank Drive is a holiday initiative where we raise awareness to the importance of youth financial literacy by donating our Super Money Banks and digital programs to schools across the country. This year, the theme for the Bank Drive is “Finance The Future”. We are giving you the opportunity to sponsor the Super Money Banks and/or digital programs for the schools from your old neighborhood or sponsor the schools currently attended by your children. When we share the work of Super Money Kids, we often hear people say “I wish I would have learned that when I was younger.” Through this year’s Bank Drive, you now have the opportunity to give the kids from your old neighborhood the financial exposure that you desired for your younger self.

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Why is sponsoring my school important?

Whether you sponsor a classroom, grade level or an entire school, this is a way to give back to the schools that helped you become who you are today. Financial Literacy is rarely taught in school but you can be the person to change that. It is important for us to ensure that the next generation has access to the information that we may not have had as children. You recognize the importance of doing good for the community and appreciate a good tax write off.



Students receive the Super Money Bank and a classroom presentation explaining how to use the banks and a message from our CEO, Courtney Hale. There is an optional add-on activity.


GRADE LEVEL - $2,500

(*numbers based on 100 students)

*supplemental activity +$500*

SCHOOL - $12,500

(*numbers based on 500 students)

*supplemental activity included*


Benefiting students/schools receive access to select Super Money Teens digital financial education lessons.


GRADE LEVEL - $5,000

SCHOOL - $10,000

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This holiday season, help us raise awareness to the importance of youth financial literacy.