Super Money Kids is a social-enterprise inspiring ambition, hope and innovation through financial education. We do this by developing the dopest digital financial education lessons for students grades K-12. To raise awareness to the importance of youth financial literacy and to increase accessibility to financial education, Super Money Kids is launching its Educator Ambassadors initiative.

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A great Ambassador is…

● A teacher, principal, counselor, achievement coach, Superintendent, magnet coordinator or any leader working in schools.
● Someone who is passionate about youth financial literacy.
● A connector who is comfortable making introductions and referrals to improve the development of our children.
● Excited about progressive ideas in education.
● Enthusiastic about creating engaging experiences for students.

What will an Ambassadors do?

● Promote the importance of youth financial literacy in their school, school district and city.
● Serve as a connector between your school, your cluster, and/or your school district and the Super Money Kids team.
● Recommend Super Money Kids for enrichment opportunities in their school, school district and city.
● Make an introduction to your school principal.
● Recommend opportunities to present or attend teacher in-services, professional development workshops or conferences.
● Make introductions to other educators.
● Wear Super Money attire once per month.
● Promote a financial theme in school once per month (provided by SMK team.)

Benefits of being an Ambassador.

● You will receive 1 Super Money Bank and Super Money t-shirt.
● 25% discount on licensing fees for your school.
● Access to new content and new apparel before the public.
● Feature in our newsletter and social media.
● Priority consideration for guest appearances (career panels, guest speakers, commencement speaker, etc.)
● Monetary incentives.

Additional Info

There will be an Ambassador orientation once a semester where we will go over the history of Super Money Kids, share marketing materials and talking points for making introductions. All ambassadors will meet once a semester.

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